Adsero IP recognized by World Trademark Review and IAM Patent 1000!
We are pleased to announce that Adsero IP is once again recognized by both the World Trademark Review 1000 and IAM Patent 1000.

We are pleased to announce that Adsero IP is once again recognized by both the World Trademark Review 1000 and IAM Patent 1000.

The World Trademark Review is the most recognized global resource for trademark expertise. We also are proud to see Adsero IP partners Ian Saffer and Amy Hsiao named individually. Ian is recognized in the GOLD band of WTR 1000 for Colorado and Amy is SILVER for Georgia.

To arrive at the 2021 rankings, World Trademark Review undertook an exhaustive four-month analysis and conducted over 1,700 telephone interviews across the globe to identify the world’s leading trademark legal services providers. To be recognized, firms and individual attorneys are prominent thought leaders in their own practice fields and receive meaningful accolades from both peers and clients.

Here’s what WTR says about Adsero and its trademark partners:

About Ian Saffer: “A results-focused attorney who works hard to achieve the specific business goals of clients and a ’smart and proficient’ lawyer, he counsels brand owners on all aspects of trademark protection, enforcement and monetization; in litigation, he is a ‘tough but reasonable adversary’”.

About Amy Hsiao: “For a US-based expert on Chinese trademark law, look no further than Amy Hsiao. The Adsero IP lawyer has tried and tested strategies at the ready for brand management and enforcement in Greater China.”

Please refer to here relating to the above recognition about Amy Hsiao and here about Ian Saffer and Adsero IP.

Further, IAM Patent 1000 recognized Adsero IP both in patent prosecution and litigation. Adsero IP was named a top-tier patent prosecution firm in Colorado, and a SILVER band firm in patent litigation. The IAM Patent 1000 specifically named Dan Young, Chad King, Katherine Lobel-Rice, and Ken Chang for their respective expertise in litigation, patent prosecution, and IP transactions.

In discussing Adsero IP, IAM Patent 1000 stated: “Though certainly cost-effective, Adsero IP doesn’t sell itself as a low-price provider; quality is rather its prime concern. This manifests in the strategic drafting of claims and specifications that will make it through the prosecution process while minimizing the patent’s exposure to the risk of litigation. The team’s applications are also forward-looking and cover more than just what inventors have come to them with.”

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