Amy is invited to speak at a ThomsonReuters Webinar on Jan. 19, 2019!
Join Amy Hsiao and Chris Shen (one of China's most well-known copyright trial lawyers) to take a deep dive on the copyright system.

Join Amy Hsiao and Chris Shen (one of China’s most well-known copyright trial lawyers) to take a deep dive on the copyright system: why it is called a supertrademark, what are the top copyright cases and trends in China, and how a business can deploy a smart strategy to use it to the brand’s advantage.

Below is a quick description of the program and what you are expected to take away from the program.  Click here for registration and more details.

China’s Copyright — why is it called the “super trademark” in China?

This program will discuss the basics of China copyright law and highlight three key differences between the Chinese versus the Western copyright system. We will then discuss the key feature of China’s copyright and why copyright has been called the Super-Trademark.

The program will focus on the recent trends of copyright in China, including copyright issues relating to the Chinese fonts and social media images. Finally, we will conclude with top recent copyright cases and best practices gleaned shared straight from China’s IP courts.

This session focuses on three points:

  • Copyright basics in China – three key differences between China’s and the Western world’s copyright systems.
  • Key feature of China’s copyright – Why it is called super trademark, what the key limitations are and how to use copyright to strengthen IP protection and help out enforcements in China?
  • Top copyright cases in China, recent trends and best practices.

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