Copyright is “supertrademark” in China?
Recently, I was invited to speak at several China IP conferences...

Recently, I was invited to speak at several China IP conferences whose attendees were mainly businesses that had a manufacturing and/or retailing presence in China.  One thing I noticed during the conference was that very few companies of the attendees were taking advantage of China’s IP secret weapon – #copyright. 

Do you know copyright is nicknamed “super trademark” in #China?  

Copyright is an effective tool in China especially if you want to stop others from copying your logo or going after #counterfeits. 

In fact, many are concerned that it is  “too effective” because it functions more like a “well known trademark”. 

I will be joining IP experts and business veterans in July and August to discuss #trademark and #copyright in detail.  We will be sharing practical tips and answer questions such as: “What are the top products being seized in China due to copyright #infringement? What was the average copyright damage award in 2017?

Join us if you happen to be in #Louisville (KY), #Iowa (IA), and #Kansas City.  Here’s the link to sign up and attend.

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