Kay Madison, Ph.D.

Patent Specialist

Kay provides crucial technical expertise for the life sciences team.  Kay’s doctoral work focused on mapping active regions of viral proteins, utilizing both in vivo and in vitro assays. She has a strong background in virus biology, immunology, plant science and molecular biology. With 4 years as a patent specialist, Kay brings additional analytical skills to our life sciences team.


    Proteolytic maturation of the 206-kDa nonstructural protein encoded by turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA. Virology 184:351-358.

    Identification of the essential cysteine and histidine residues of the turnip yellow mosaic virus protease. Virology 198:148-154.

    Coding density of the turnip yellow mosaic virus genome: Roles of the overlapping coat protein and p206-readthrough coding regions. Virology 206: 403-12.

    Identification of the cleavage site recognized by the turnip yellow mosaic virus protease. Virology 217: 404-406.


    • Oregon State University, PhD. Viral Genetics
    • California State University, B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology